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After praising ownCloud so highly recently, I now have to report a problem with the ownCloud Linux client. Everything else works just fine – the webserver, the Mac clients, the iPad and iPhone software – the only thing having a problem is the Linux desktop client.

I have the client installed on my Slackware desktops, installed using sbopkg. The client depends on libocsync.so, and that depends on libiniparser. Both of these are add-ons from sbopkg. libocsync is a version of csync (a file synchroniser) that has been modified to work with ownCloud. It looks for the flag SAMBA_4.1.6 in libiniparser. I don’t know why it does this as I do not use samba at all. Libiniparser got upgraded in April, and the flag changed to SAMBA_4.1.9. But libosync still wants SAMBA_4.1.6 so when I start owncloud now, I get this error message “owncloud: /usr/lib/libiniparser.so: version `SAMBA_4.1.6′ not found (required by /usr/lib/libocsync.so.0)” and it will no longer start.

The ownCloud client has been running on my work and home desktops for a long time, but I rebooted my work desktop and now the ownCloud client won’t run. It’s still running on the home desktop, but the next time I shut it down and attempt to restart it, it’s not going to run either.

I think I had this problem happen once before, but I can’t remember how it started working again. That’s why I started writing here again, it’s my way of making system notes for the future.

I think I waited a little bit and libocsync.so got upgraded to come back into sync with libiniparser. I have a number of options to try and make it work.

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hvgriggsJuly 16th, 2014 at 4:12 pm

I solved this problem. I compared the libraries between home and work, and they were the same. Same version of iniparser, ocsync and owncloud-client. Had to be something else.

I hunted down the libiniparser libraries. They were in /usr/lib. Home, where owncloud worked, had two libraries – libiniparser.a and libiniparser.so.0. But at work, there were three. The extra one was libiniparser.so. It got installed in June, and that’s when owncloud stopped working. I grepped through the package list and it was part of samba-4.1.9. I had installed it in June. I am unsure why samba would have its own copy of libiniparser. I am also unsure why I installed samba. Maybe I needed it, but I can’t remember. I really should write a log book about changes to my systems.

So I used removepkg to remove samba from my work computer. If something needs it, I will soon find out.

I ran ldconfig to try and get the library list updated. Then I tried to start owncloud. It complained that libiniparser.so was missing. Guess I didn’t do ldconfig right. But that’s easy to fix. I put a symbolic link from libiniparser.so.0 to libiniparser.so, started owncloud again, and joy of joys, it started, synced up, and all is well.

Yes, all is well, until I discover why I needed samba. I bet that happens at the most inconvenient time.