PHP Mullet Programming
#220 Henry, 22 March 2015 4:41 PM (Category: Programming)
(Tags: php mullet)

I run a lot of little web sites, mostly for my own private purposes. They are all in PHP, and the style is definitely old school. Each URL results in a single PHP page, and the page is organised like this:

# Start

  # Process the data from the form


# Display the form

# End

Today I learnt that this style of PHP programming is called Mullet Programming - "business in the front, party in the back". I laughed at this, because that's exactly what it is. I've looked at frameworks, and I've looked at MVC, and I don't use any of them. They end up being confusing to read and debug, and they are slow.

I read the description in this article - PHP MVC Maintenance very costly. I liked it because it confirmed my prejudices. No doubt there are good articles about why I shouldn't be doing what I am doing, but I will turn a blind eye to them.

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Grey screen
#219 Henry, 22 March 2015 12:01 AM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: macmini)

My Mac Mini just grey-screened. I'm not happy. Oh well, I shall take it to the Apple Store while it is still under warranty and get it looked at.

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Moving things around in "Open In"
#218 Henry, 21 March 2015 11:13 PM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: ios)

I store my media on my own websites so I can access them when I need them. I use Safari to locate the data and download it to my iPad and iPhone, and then I use the "Open In" feature to push the item into the app that I use. I use Marvin for reading epubs, GoodReader for PDFs, and CHM+ for chm books. Usually when I use "Open In", the app I want to push it into is way over to the right. I just accepted this. Tonight I learnt that I can move those icons around so my app is always the first one.

You get to the "Open In" menu, then just pull your icon to where you want it. You can rearrange them to suit yourself. So now, epubs have Marvin as my first option, PDFs have GoodReader as the first option, and chms have CHM+ as the first option. It's a small thing, but a very satisfying thing.

Open In

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Solving The N+1 Problem In PHP
#217 Henry, 21 March 2015 10:54 PM (Category: Books)
(Tags: php book)

Last year, I bought Paul M. Jones' book Modernizing Legacy Applications In PHP and used it really push my PHP and my websites into OO and much better design. I am still working through that book and pushing my code into better and better ways.

Paul M. Jones has published another book on LeanPub called Solving The N+1 Problem In PHP. The recommended price is $8, but you can pay more for it if you want. I bought it when it came out, and have started working through. I have some currently intractable problems with the blog software, and I am hoping to work a solution with this book.

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Stable home Mac Mini
#215 Henry, 21 March 2015 4:47 PM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: macmini usb hub)

Since I installed the new USB hub on the home Mac Mini media server, I have used it pretty heavily with many rsyncs to the server, both to the Drobo and the other external HDDs. I've used it heavily doing a few things, and so far I would have expected several grey screen events, but so far have not had a single one.

So far, it looks as if the old USB hub was causing the problems. This is a great relief.

Now I can get on and use the Drobo the way it was meant to be used. I have two 3T drives and 2 500G drives in it, and that only gives me 3.78T storage in total. Needs to be expanded. I'll look at at adding two 4T drives soon.

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