CD ripping with errors
#102 Henry, Monday, 20 June 2011 8:57 PM (Category: Music)
(Tags: cd rip)

Lately, I have been receiving a few poor quality cds from SwapaCD that don't play well, and don't rip well. Mostly, they look like someone took them to the beach and used them as a drink coaster for a few months before deciding to swap them out to some poor sucker (me). They are seriously scratched, and often have holes in the aluminium surface so when you hold them up to the light, they look like the stars at night. I have tried these on a number of different cdroms and the results vary a little, but still show major errors.

Today, I did a cleanout of my home desktop. I opened it up, I blew out all the dust, I checked all components, I cleaned cables, washed the desk, washed the peripherals, and generally got it in good condition again. I also replaced my DVDROM drive with a BluRay ROM drive. I haven't tried it with a BluRay disc yet, but did decide to try one of the seriously scratched CDs in it. It ripped flawlessly. Amazing. I tried another, but this one would not even be recognised as a readable disc. So the new drive works for some and not for others. The ones that work are a bonus.

I think I will upgrade my optical drive twice a year from now on. I do a lot of ripping, and I'm sure the drives wear out with heavy use. And they only cost about $25 for a decent DVDROM drive, and about $40 for a BluRay drive, and less if you have coupons or buy on specials.