GPS Navigators
#11 Henry, Sunday, 29 November 2009 10:04 PM (Category: Gadgets)
(Tags: gps)

This Christmas, GPS navigators are the big thing. They were one of the hottest items at the Black Friday sales.

I've been using an older Garmin Nuvi 200W for a while, and it is an amazing thing. I don't get lost any more. I don't get angry. I don't have fights with Anne about directions. I get to places on time. I see more of the countryside. I love GPS navigators. I would hate to have to do without again.

What's the difference between your wife and a GPS navigator?

Your wife says "Turn right at this corner." as you go past the corner, too late to do anything about it.

The GPS navigator says "In 200 feet, turn right."

This Black Friday, I bought Anne a TomTom ONE 140 navigator. from It's not the latest, it's not the greatest, but it does the job and it was $60. Anne will be happy, and I will be happy and all is well.

Until the big solar flares start coming and knock out all the GPS satellites, and we all start getting lost.