Trying to install dvdrip on Slackware again
#121 Henry, Friday, 08 July 2011 12:08 AM (Category: Linux)
(Tags: linux dvd rip)

I want to install dvdrip on my everyday Slackware desktop. Last time I tried this, I failed miserably, but that was with Slackware 13.0. Now we are at Slackware 13.37 and I thought things might have improved, so I tried again.

First of all, I went to the dvdrip install page and looked at all the dependencies. That's one hell of a list.

I started with the Perl modules, and used CPAN. They all installed easily.

Then I started on the command line dependencies. I had to install some extra stuff, and do it in a specific order to get them all installed. I used sbopkg to install all these. This is what I installed, in the order I did it, and the name sbopkg requires.

transcode and ffmpeg were the ones that failed spectacularly last time, but this time they installed nicely. subtitle2pgm used to be included with transcode, but now it's on its own, and you install as part of subtitleripper. Hal appears to be already installed. IMagemagick, mplayer and xine are already installed.

I failed on one package - mjpegtools. It requires a linux kernel header - linux/videodev.h - and apparently, support for v4l has been dropped from the kernel lately. So I can't install this package. It's for VCD and SVCD support, which I don't think I need, and it's an optional package, so I ignored it.

Getting this far and succeeding with all the important packages that dvdrip needs was a very positive step. I did not get this far last time. This gave me great hope that dvdrip would install.

Then I used sbopkg to try to install dvdrip. It failed. It was unable to create a man directory - /tmp/SBo/package-dvdrip/usr/share/man. I tried manually creating the directory and trying to continue the installation from that point, or restarting it, but it must delete the directories first and then recreate them (forgetting to create man) each time.

And that's where I am stuck now. I think I will download the sbo package and modify it and fix it if I can understand it. I'll try that tomorrow.

I'm so close to installing it.

If I can't. my alternative is to find a distribution that has dvdrip installed by default, and install that distro inside VirtualBox. But that's a last resort.