Trying to rip DVDs on Slackware Linux
#122 Henry, Friday, 08 July 2011 1:34 PM (Category: Linux)
(Tags: linux dvd rip)

I have failed to install dvdrip on Slackware 13.37. It's a little failure and I might be able to get past it, but I was told that Handbrake works on Linux too. I've been using Handbrake on the Mac for a while and it's quite nice, so I thought I would try to install it before going back to figuring out the problems with dvdrip.

So I fired up sbopkg and found handbrake and started the process. Interestingly, Handbrake requires a lot of libraries but these are all included in the Handbrake sbopkg package, and they get downloaded and compiled as well. That's a neat feature. All these dependencies compiled just fine, which did surprise me. I see a lot of warnings in the compilations, and that's not something I like to see. In my own coding, I aim for no warnings. I want the code squeaky clean. So seeing hundreds of warnings for silly things is disconcerting.

Unfortunately, there are some dependencies that handbrake expects that are not supplied, and the sbopkg compilation stops. It needed webkit, and that failed because icu4c wasn't available. I installed icu4c successfully. Then webkit needed libsoup. I installed that okay. Then Webkit failed on a Perl library -

Can't locate in @INC

I try and use cpan to install, but that leads me down to a deeper mess. needs Filter::Util::Call and Text::Balanced. They both install successfully. fails two tests and cpan won't let me install it, unless I force it. I force it. Then I try webkit again. Good grief, webkit takes a long time to compile. I went to a long lunch, I came back, and an hour after that, it finished. Fantastic. Time to try and install Handbrake again. I start it running and go do things, and eventually it finishes successfully. Wonderful.

But when I went to run it, all I see is HandBrakeCLI. What? No GUI version? Did I miss something? More research needed.