SpamAssassin woes
#136 Henry, Sunday, 03 June 2012 6:35 PM (Category: Email)
(Tags: spamassassin)

The hard disk is making wilder noises inside my IBM server. Time to move everything back to my good server before anything serious happens. I've got daily backups of everything, including the system configuration, so if anything happens, I'll be okay.

I rsynced the /htroot directory from the current "temporary" server to my good server. Then started work on installing SpamAssassin. This is a pain in the arse. I got bogged down with some parts that won't install. I have a bunch of notes for installing SpamAssassin, and those notes are pretty good now. But something is fundamentally wrong and won't install. I'm not sure what.

I have used cpan to install and bring up to date all the Perl modules required by SpamAssassin. But when I run "perl Makefile.PL" in the Mail::SpamAssassin directory, and it checks for dependencies, it tells me that a bunch of required dependencies are not installed. I can see them. They are installed, but they can't be seen by the dependency checker. I'll go do some reading.