#142 Henry, Thursday, 07 June 2012 7:47 PM (Category: Hardware)
(Tags: majordomo spamassassin)

While I was rebuilding my web/mailserver, Richard kept giving me suggestions for alternatives.

Instead of SpamAssassin, had I considered ASSP - Anti-Spam-SMTP-Proxy? No, I had never heard of it. I will start looking at it. Looks very interesting.

Instead of Majordomo, there were plenty of other mailing list managers, and there were even instructions on the web all over the place for getting it working with sendmail. Perhaps I should consider that. Sure, I could consider it, But at the same time, my mailing list needs are very small. I've written a lot of software for work handling email. A lot of email software. Rewriting Majordomo would give me a great deal of pleasure, and give me a lot more knowledge. And it would suit my needs right down to the ground. So no, I'm no longer willing to consider alternatives to Majordomo.

Instead of running my own server at home, had I considered something like No. Not yet. I had a quick look at Linode and was impressed. This is one idea I will investigate more closely.

Thanks for all the suggestions, Richard.