Firefox changes
#150 Henry, Tuesday, 19 June 2012 2:16 PM (Category: Linux)
(Tags: firefox)

Firefox 13 has come to Slackware. I am completely unsure how I feel about the blank page with 9 empty rectangles in it. If they were populated by mini images, it might be fun for a while, but 9 empty white rectangles looks kinda boring.

The new scrolling method doesn't feel right. I'll try and turn that off.

But something is missing. I think it went missing earlier, but I only discovered it today. I wanted to look at the HTML of a page, and went to View -> Page Source. But that option is no longer there. I found it in Tools -> Web Developer -> Page Source. Oh well, it's still available, even if you have to dig deeper to find it. Perhaps the shortcut key Ctrl-U would be easier for me from now on. Progress marches on, and the user experience takes precedence.

At least I still have Firebug for examining how a page works. Firebug is one awesome tool.