Python modules needing reinstall
#156 Henry, Thursday, 28 June 2012 12:54 PM (Category: UNIX Tools)
(Tags: python)

I had a lot of Python modules that needed reinstalling, after I erased the old directory of /usr/lib/python2.6.

One of them needed manual intervention, and that was the CDDB-1.3 library that does CDDB lookups of CDs. I use this when ripping my cds. It's an essential part of my CD workflow. I keep a copy of the file CDDB-1.3.tar.gz around, just in case it disappears. I used that and reinstalled it and all was well.

Then I looked at the other modules I use - wxPython, python interface to MySQL, DNSPython and PySol. All of these I installed using sbopkg. I started to install them again, and found that setuptools was not installed. I used sbopkg on that first, it was successful, and then the rest and they all installed nicely.

I have tested all my scripts and everything is working nicely again. This is my note to my future self so I know what to do next time.