More about the FVWM pager
#165 Henry, Monday, 16 July 2012 3:49 PM (Category: UNIX Tools)
(Tags: fvwm pager)

I was asked about my pager and what it looks like when I am in full swing at work.

FVWM Pager when I'm working

It looks pretty ugly right now because of all that text inside the boxes. I might have to turn that off. I didn't use to have that. It used to look stark and pretty and it's ever so functional.

Everything has a place. Every desktop and window is in the right place and I can easily look at it and see that all is right with the world, and switch to any section that I want. Top left is my email box. mutt at work and mutt at home. Middle left is Firefox for research browsing. Bottom left is SeaMonkey for official work browsing. Top right is music player. Bottom second is log file monitoring, bottom third is main server monitoring, bottom right is email dispatch monitoring.

It's very efficient, but right now with that text it looks ugly. I better find a way to turn that text off.