Unsubscribing from digital Wired Magazine for iPad Newsstand
#179 Henry, Wednesday, 26 September 2012 10:04 AM (Category: iPad)
(Tags: wired unsubscribe ipad newsstand)

Last year sometime, I subscribed to the digital version of Wired Magazine. A couple of times in the past I had subscribed to Wired on paper, read a few issues, and then let it lapse. True to form, I read a few issues of digital Wired, then stopped. It's interesting, but takes a long time to work through each issue. and each issue is about half a gig in size. If I didn't archive and delete the old issues, the Wired app would consume all available space on my iPad. I only have a 16 gig iPad, and memory is getting squeezed, especially once the iPad 3 was released and all my apps got upgraded with retina support and almost doubled in size.

So I decided I didn't want digital Wired any more. How to unsubscribe?

It's a good model. Get someone to subscribe, then make it super difficult for them to find how to unsubscribe, and let auto-renewal bring the money in.

I looked around myself a few times and could not find any details about my Newsstand subscriptions. If it was only two or three dollars a year, I might have just let it continue forever and read an issue or two a year. But digital Wired is $20 a year. As my subscription renewal deadline got closer, I started looking harder for how to turn it off.

Finally I found it. On the iPad, run the App Store. On any of the main pages, scroll to the bottom. There are three buttons - Apple ID, Redeem, Support. Choose that left one, the one with Apple ID and your Apple ID. A menu list is displayed. Choose "View Apple ID". You get a dialog box. Look down for the heading "Subscriptions", and click the long button that says "Manage". Then you get to see what subscriptions you have in place, whether Auto-Renewal is in place, and when that is due to happen. I turned off auto-renewal, and it gave me all the details I needed about when the subscription would end.

If I get the urge to resubscribe before it ends, I can go back in here and do it.