Anne tries the Tom Tom GPS for the first time
#18 Henry, Wednesday, 09 December 2009 1:58 PM (Category: Gadgets)
(Tags: tomtom gps)

I bought Anne a Tom Tom GPS at the recent Black Friday sales. She tried it out today for the first time. Unfortunately, she was going to Newport News, which seems to be a Bermuda Triangle for GPS units.

We added the address this morning, and it took her to the wrong place. It thought that x was y and it took her to y. This isn't a problem specifically with the Tom Tom, because the my Garmin GPS takes us to wrong places in Newport News too. And a few years ago before we had GPS, I used a MapQuest map to go to a concert in Newport News and it wanted to go down a street that had not existed for a year and a half, that had been blocked.

So we know that when we go to Newport News, we must take a map, just in case. And Anne needed her just-in-case map today.