Upgrade to ownCloud 7
#193 Henry, Thursday, 14 August 2014 1:53 PM (Category: Web Development)
(Tags: owncloud)

I've made a terrible mistake.

I've heard myself say that many times this year, and I said it again today.

I use ownCloud, and I use it heavily. I use the News feature the most. It's an amazing News RSS reader. I use it daily, many many times. I use the file transfer, contacts, calendar, bookmarks, tags. I use almost all of ownCloud to help me have a happy and productive life.

Last week, a little yellow notice started appearing at the top of the page, telling me that ownCloud 7 had been released and I could upgrade.

owncloud upgrade

Last time I did an ownCloud upgrade, I ran into some minor issues. Nothing much, but I struggled a little to get News working again. This time I was going to be more cautious. I waited. After a week I checked to see if there were issues, and there did not appear to be. So I attempted the automatic upgrade. It went smoothly. At the point where it suggested I backup the directory, I considered it but did not do it. I made a terrible mistake. The upgrade proceeded, and it upgraded the database tables and structures.

After the upgrade, things looked good at first. Nearly everything was there and it worked. And then I started noticing the two big problems.

Tasks did not work. Tasks would attempt to load, but never finish loading the tasks in the database. News was not to be seen, but that was the same as last time. Last time, I fixed it by going into apps and enabling News. Uh-oh, News is not in the app store and I can't just enable it. I spent a few hours reading and fumbling and trying to make News work. I could not. The News section is so important to me, that I decided to downgrade back to ownCloud 6.0.4, the last version I had running.

Then I wished I had made a backup of the directory. And a backup of the database.

But wait, at 3:30 each morning, I do backup the MariaDB database. So I have a backup from this morning. I copied the ownCloud 7 directory in case I needed anything. Then I installed the code for ownCloud 6.0.4. Then I extracted the SQL for just ownCloud from my backup, and I loaded that in. Then I aimed at my ownCloud URL. It wanted to do the installation. I entered an admin account, and gave it the MariaDB parameters, and wow, I was back in business. The passwords were all wrong, different seeds, so I had to re-enter them. I enabled Tasks and there they were. I enabled News, and bless it, all my feeds were there and I had 70 to read again. But oops, all my files were gone. No matter, I retrieved them from the saved ownCLoud7 directory and copied them into place. And all is well.

I am back to where I was this morning with all services enabled and caught up.

Lessons learned - backup before attempting an automatic upgrade; wait longer before thinking about doing an upgrade; do more reading for the optional modules like News.

I should report these things to ownCloud. I will keep reading their notes and report the Tasks problem. I don't think the News developer has it ready for ownCloud 7 yet. I think I was premature in upgrading. I'll keep reading his notes and not upgrade till he says it's ready for ownCloud 7. I may be on ownCloud 6 for a while.