Apple IDs, iPhone upgrade, lost abilities
#205 Henry, Thursday, 29 January 2015 9:56 AM (Category: Apple)
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I upgraded my iPhone and iPad to the latest version two days ago. Since then, I can no longer get messages to and from my iPhone. It's a mess.

It starts with every upgrade to every device and Mac. The iPhone and iPad both start up and demand that I start using Anne's email addresses for Facetime and Messages and email and I have to turn stuff off, and then every device starts getting popups that this has started using that email address for this or that.

I looked at this again, and found that the whole Apple ID system I have here is a complete mess. I have one Apple ID that I use for all devices, mine and Anne's. That way we pay once and get it on all devices. This Apple ID has one of my email addresses, and two of Anne's. And don't start me on about the being the equivalent of, but not really, but sort of.

But wait, I have a second Apple ID that is included in my regular ID, and it has two email addresses.

But wait, turns out I have a third Apple ID and it's not linked to the others, and while I was checking it out, I was forced to upgrade my password and that caused problems of its own. This one is for my iCloud account, the one with and

Turns out my iPad is registered with one Apple ID, the iPhone (because it's a clone of the oldest device) is with the other Apple ID associated with the first.

Nothing works the way it should. Whatever I do is going to involve erasing several devices and configuring them from scratch again and losing all my settings and data. When I started with Apple devices and Macs, I didn't fully understand the Apple ID and now it's a mess and I don't see anything except painful ways out. Family sharing isn't going to work, because Anne won't upgrade her iPad to iOS8 because a bunch of games will stop working.

I've started charting what every device has and turning things off on the Macs because they aren't used for anything except storage. Once I get charted what it is, I am going to chart what I want, and then I'm going to go the Apple Store and get them to help me there.

Three iPads, one iPhone, three MacMinis, a MacBook, a MacBookPro. All these need to be charted and cleaned. Maybe I should take the plunge and erase everything and start again. It can't be that much worse than what it already is.