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#221 Henry, Thursday, 26 March 2015 9:43 AM (Category: Apps)
(Tags: todo wunderlist)

Late 2013, I bought Wunderlist to try out as a To Do List app. It was okay, but I stopped using it. For one thing, my to-do lists got longer and longer, and I used the app as a means of hiding the things I needed to do.

So I started using index cards again. That worked okay, and I managed to get through a lot of tasks. But I had to gather my cards, and move them with me. I'm lazy.

Wunderlist went through a lot of upgrades, and I ignored the steady stream of emails until now. The latest email from them caught my eye and it looked good. They announced a major update. The app looked really neat, with a better organised front page showing your lists. And it has a lot of new features. There are folders and sub-lists.

Hey ho, I'm a sucker for new stuff, and I already paid for the app, so I reinstalled it and logged in again. Oh wow, all my previous tasks were still stored. They store your lists on their servers so you can sync between the website and your devices. I went through all my 18 month old tasks, and I had to laugh. Nearly all remained undone. I cleared out the few that had been completed, shuddered at the ones that had not and vowed to tackle them real soon now and added some more.

I've kept using it since then, and it's not bad. I like sub-lists, where you can break your tasks into smaller pieces. I like the format for the iPad better, but then it's got more screen space. There's an iPad version, iPhone version, the website, a Mac OS X app. You can get at your lists pretty much anywhere.

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