Autofocus on Camera+
#225 Henry, Sunday, 29 March 2015 1:49 PM (Category: Apps)
(Tags: camera app)

I take a lot of photos. Mostly happy snaps, memory shots. Doug takes artistic photos, but I do not. Doug has a small size DSLR and regularly buys new cameras and lenses. I have a DSLR, a Sony A200, but it's old now and the colours aren't very good any more. Photos look dull. I've been using my little Sony Point and Shoot more, but not as much as I use my iPhone.

Since I got the iPhone 6 from work, I've been using it more and more for photos. I can see a time when that's all I will use. I used to use the plain Apple Camera app, but when iOS 8 came out, I stopped using it. The Camera app has a bunch of small selections right beside the shutter button. I found that I was no longer taking normal photos, but video, square photos, panorama, slomo, anything except a plain old photo. If I'm taking photos in strong sunlight, I can't see the screen that much, and when I go hit the shutter button, my fingers aren't precise and they change the settings and I don't get photos. So I stopped using the Camera app, and started using the Camera+ app - a third party app. There are no surprises hidden right beside the shutter. Open the app, point it, hit the shutter, it takes a photo immediately. And it does autofocus.

Then Camera+ had a major upgrade on March 18th. I have to believe that all apps upgrade and upgrade until they are no longer useful. The major upgrade has had one fixup upgrade since, but a lot of things changed. I think the biggest change was the addition of manual camera settings. For me, the big change was, and I don't know how I did it, or even if I did it, I lost autofocus. I didn't notice this until I went to use a bunch of photos and found them all blurred. That was one of the great features of Camera+ - the autofocus. Now, not so much. I had to read a lot of tutorials online to find how to turn autofocus back on. I don't think it's working right anymore. If I want a decent photo, I have to compose the shot, then tap the screen to refocus, then take it. If I have to do that much work, I will consider experimenting with Apple's Camera app again, or even go searching for another camera app that is simple and does auto-focus.