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#226 Henry, Monday, 30 March 2015 3:41 PM (Category: Apps)
(Tags: iphone app scanner)

I like to keep the tickets and programs of shows we go see. It's nice to have mementoes. But it means I keep so much paper. I've been cutting down on physical product, getting rid of paper. For a couple of years I've been taking photos of tickets and flyers and things, and then dumping the paper. It wasn't so good with the iPhone 4 I had, as the camera was pretty crappy, but the iPhone 6 has a pretty good camera, so I've been making the mementoes with that.

I've been expanding from there and taking photos of receipts and bills too. I found that there were special photo apps that take photos and build them into PDFs and store them "out there". Looked interesting, so I tried a couple of the free ones and looked at others, and finally settled on Scanbot. I just have to hold over whatever document I want to copy, it will size it, focus on it, and take the photo when positioning is good enough. And it can handle angle shots and correct them. I can take multiple shots and it will build them into a single PDF, let me rename it, and then it will push it out to Dropbox. It makes it pretty easy.

Now I just have to hope that they don't keep upgrading it until it stops being easy.

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