HP-48GX app
#227 Henry, Monday, 30 March 2015 11:00 PM (Category: Apps)
(Tags: hp calculator)

I recently bought the HP-67 app for the sake of nostalgia. While I was playing with it, I remembered that I had previously bought the m48 app, which was a HP-48GX emaulator. I dug that out again and played with it. The screen didn't look too familiar but I played with settings and found that you can choose a wide variety of screens.

m48 skin selection

I chose the Real 48GX [iPad]. My old iPad 2 does not have a retina screen so I wasn't able to choose version with retina. And look how it displayed.

m48 app

That's awesome. It looks like a real HP-48GX resting on a wooden desk. These HP calculator emulators are great.