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#229 Henry, Wednesday, 01 April 2015 5:24 PM (Category: Apple)
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Anne is going back to Australia soon for a two month trip. Before she goes, she makes sure that the Tivo records all her TV shows. The Tivo has a USB external drive, giving her a total of 2T of storage space. Last year when she went home, near the end of her trip, I had to spend hours on Skype with her and clean out the Tivo before it ran out of space. Anne watches some shows in Australia so she doesn't need it all kept. And she watches so much television every week, that the Tivo fills up within four weeks. Frankly, I regard this as bullshit. I don't watch much TV. I am not going to spend any time this year keeping the Tivo empty for her. When Anne is away, I watch zero television. I watch some movies from Redbox, and I play a lot of opera and I stream some movies. I don't switch to the Tivo, and I have no intention of spending hours cleaning it up for her. We have clashed over this already, many heated words have been said, and the climate has gotten frosty.

Today I remembered the Tivo app. I have used it once or twice in the last four years to record a show. But it lets me remotely see what is on the Tivo and it lets me delete shows. Forget the "me". I installed it on Anne's iPad, logged it in, and checked it. Yes, it works. Then I gave Anne a crash course in using it.

Now, from Australia, she can check on the storage state of the Tivo, and delete shows. I don't have to do anything. Anne can make the decisions and do the work. I am most grateful.

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