Project management
#232 Henry, Thursday, 02 April 2015 11:46 PM (Category: Programming)
(Tags: project management app trello)

I've been trying to get organised at work. I have a number of large projects that I am working on, and sometimes I forget the details. We use the wiki for some of the management stuff, but wikis are good for some things and project management is not one of them.

So I've been playing with some iPad apps that do some forms of project management. In the early days of Agile here, I used an app called Agile Project Manager. I suggested it to our project manager and he played with it, but ended up preferring his whiteboard until the idea of sprints and other Agile strangeness fell into disfavour here.

Agile PM

I played with Agile Project Manager a little again. It's not going to do it for me.

I had already bought Corkulous, so I worked with that a little. It's basically a corkboard where you can plan some stuff out. It's got some neat features but for programming projects, not so much.


Then there's Trello. Trello comes from the Joel Spolsky stable. It's a highly polished product. It's nice. It's written by programmers, for programmers. On your iPad, on your iPhone, on the website, you can get to your data in many ways. I followed Spolsky's blog for a long time, and I bought his books. I used Stackoverflow. When he released Trello last year, I thought it was interesting. Now I'm even more interested. Best of all, it's free up to a level. If you don't have heavy usage, it's free. But if you want support, or use it heavily in your business, you can pay. I don't think it's very expensive either. Something like $4 per user per month. Yes, it's collaborative. I've been fiddling with it, and I think I'm going to use it for the projects I'm working on. Try to stay ahead of the tsunami and not drown in it.