Cesium for music
#234 Henry, Friday, 03 April 2015 11:25 PM (Category: Apps)
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I've been focusing on iPhone and iPad apps lately, probably too much, but they have been very interesting to me.

I don't use the standard music player on the iPhone or the iPad. It continually defaults to sections I don't use, it pushes Radio, or the iTunes store. I don't like it. It's cluttered and doesn't want to do things my way. And yes, I know that my way is the old way and I should move to modern times, but no, I don't want to.

Last year, a guy on Reddit announced that he had written a music player that did one thing and one thing only - play music. It's called Cesium. It's small, lightweight, accesses the music you have on your iPhone and it plays it. That's all. No radio, no store, no ads, nothing but the music on your device and plenty of options for playing it. I've been using it and I really appreciate the simplicity.

I was using it the other day and realised I had forgotten the navigation. I looked but couldn't see any indicators to go back.

Cesium in white

Did it do gestures? That's a big thing now. I tried single finger swipes left and right and up and down, then double finger, triple finger, quadruple finger, I mashed my whole hand on the screen. Something worked, but I couldn't work out what I had done. It wasn't until later when playing some other music where I had cover art, that I realised what was required. Look at the top left - you can see a tiny little white arrow, pointing left. White on white and you can't see it, white on colour and you can see it. Just.

Cesium with cover art

Ah, just a single tap in top right or top left corner is all that's required. There are ways of adjusting the theme in Settings, and I might try that later. But right now, I remember, so that's okay.