The passing of Lala trading
#24 Henry, Thursday, 10 December 2009 12:57 AM (Category: Music)
(Tags: lala apple)

In 2008, I joined It was a CD trading site. I traded out about 800 CDs that I often wondered why I had bought, and I got in about 800 CDs that I wanted, or was willing to experiment with. I listened to a lot of music that was new to me.

Early 2009, Lala started to change focus and pushed the CD trading back a bit while they built up the music streaming business. CD trading pretty much dried up. I shifted my CD trading to and

After that, I got about 5 cds through Lala for the rest of 2009, while I got several hundred through the other two sites. Lala was not so good for trading any more.

Two days ago, Apple announced they had bought Lala.

I went to the Lala site to check if I had any trading credits left. It was pretty hard to check that, as Lala always kept your trading status pretty secret. (That was one thing I really liked about SwapaCD and MusicBoomerang - your trading status was transparent.) When I went to the trading section of Lala, there was an announcement that trading was gone. They had made the final transition to an all streaming business and the trading was done. One thing they did do was make our have and wants lists available for download. That was very good of them.