Forgot about HFS+ lack of case
#241 Henry, Sunday, 12 April 2015 10:19 AM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: hfs+ rsync)

I am rsyncing the last 2 T of data to the Drobo. I do it in chunks and restart the Mac Mini. I have noticed two sets of data that get rsynced across every single time, and I was worrying that the data had become corrupt at one end or the other. I tracked down the exact files that were being copied and then realised that it was HFS+ at fault again.

I had two directories on my Linux ext3 partition like this:

|-- 1991_Plays_Franck_And_Liszt
    |-- 01_Cesar_Franck__Prelude_Choral_et_Fugue__I.flac
    |-- 02_Cesar_Franck__Prelude_Choral_et_Fugue__II.flac
    |-- 03_Cesar_Franck__Prelude_Choral_et_Fugue__III.flac
|   |-- 04_Franz_Liszt__Mephisto_Waltz_No_1_The_Dance_in_the_Village_Inn.flac
|   |-- 05_Franz_Liszt__Petrarchs_104th_Sonnet.flac
|   |-- 06_Franz_Liszt__Two_Concert_Studies__S145__1__Whisper_Of_The_Woods.flac
|   |-- 07_Franz_Liszt__Two_Concert_Studies__S145__2__Dance_Of_The_Gnomes.flac
|   |-- 08_Franz_Liszt__By_a_spring.flac
|   |-- 09_Franz_Liszt__Spanish_Rhapsody.flac
|   `-- track.dat
`-- 1991_Plays_Franck_and_Liszt
    |-- 01_Cesar_Franck__Prelude_Choral_et_Fugue__I.flac
    |-- 02_Cesar_Franck__Prelude_Choral_et_Fugue__II.flac
    |-- 03_Cesar_Franck__Prelude_Choral_et_Fugue__III.flac
    |-- 04_Franz_Liszt__Mephisto_Waltz_No_1.flac
    |-- 05_Franz_Liszt__Sonetto_104_del_Petrarca.flac
    |-- 06_Franz_Liszt__Two_Concert_Studies_Etudes__No_1.flac
    |-- 07_Franz_Liszt__Two_Concert_Studies_Etudes__No_2.flac
    |-- 08_Franz_Liszt__Au_bord_d_une_source.flac
    |-- 09_Franz_Liszt__Rhapsodie_espagnole.flac
    `-- track.dat

HFS+ is not case sensitive. That is something I have to remember, and watch for.

I had ripped one CD in 2005 and had ripped it and stored it again in 2010. The first was in a directory called 1991_Plays_Franck_And_Liszt with a capital A in And, and the second was in a directory where the and had the a in lower case. Linux treats them as two totally different directories, HFS+ sees them as the same. So every single time I would rsync, the remote would see that 1991_Plays_Franck_And_Liszt had the wrong files in it, delete them, copy them over again, then get 1991_Plays_Franck_and_Liszt, see that the wrong files were there, delete them, and copy them in again. Every single time.

I renamed the directories so HFS+ could not confuse them. I can sort out the content later.