Cool Tools and pencils
#250 Henry, Friday, 01 May 2015 11:50 AM (Category: Gadgets)
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I use pencils a lot. I use pencils at home and at work to write notes, temporary jotting, write in my Moleskine notebook, doing sums, doing banking. I like the mechanical push-action pencils rather than the wooden ones you have to sharpen. I'm always looking for better, more functional pencils. My needs are simple - be reasonably small, have a thin barrel, be easy to hold, grip the lead firmly right to the end, and just work.

A lot of the ones you get for school use are badly designed. Big thing things with padded surrounds, and the click mechanism in stupid places. When mine break I get a few more, use them up and keep looking.

I also follow the Cool Tools Blog. I like their series about "What's In My Bag" where constant travellers show the contents of their travel bags and explain why they carry what they do. That's really interesting.

Recently, they had an article about Skilcraft Fidelity pencils. Looked good. I went to buy one. About $30. I couldn't work out if that was for a single pencil, or for a pack of them. I hummed and hawed about this for a week, then took the plunge. If it was $30 for a single pencil, it better be a really good one. I ordered one, and it arrived yesterday.

Skilcraft Fidelity pencil

Really nice feel, works really well. Best of all, the sharp tip will retract as well as the lead. I was really happy with it. But what I was happiest about the most was that I ended up with a pack of 12 of them for the price.

Skilcraft Fidelity pack of 12 pencils