Geeqie gets new decorations
#252 Henry, Thursday, 07 May 2015 1:42 PM (Category: Linux)
(Tags: geeqie linux)

I use geeqie to view images on Linux. Before that, I use gqview, but it got forked and replaced by geeqie in 2010. geeqie has been pretty good since. It does a good job of showing a list of images and displaying them. I'm sure it does a lot more than that, but that's what I use it for.

Up till now it's been pretty nice. It used the standard decorations, meaning that the scrollbars and edges took their shape and functionality from the default provided by the window manager. I had no problem with that. I'm using fvwm2 for my window manager (no desktop) and the scroll bars were nice and chunky and worked the way I like them and I had gotten used to them being like that for years and years and years.

geeqie with standard decorations

But last week, I upgraded Slackware with the latest changes and geeqie came with a change. The scrollbars and menus are no longer standard. They match what I see on the Mac. Tiny thin little scrollbars. Not so good if you've got old hands and a wireless mouse. It's hard to get the cursor on the right spot and pull up or down.

geeqie with new thin decorations

In addition, the menus are now some modern new style and it's hard to see where the menu starts and where it ends.

geeqie new menus

I'm not happy with any of this. I've looked through all the preferences and can't find a way of resetting it. It's ugly and harder to use.

Guess it comes down to what I see all the time - apps get improved to the point where they are no longer usable.