Backblaze for cloud backups
#258 Henry, Thursday, 14 May 2015 9:18 PM (Category: Gadgets)
(Tags: backblaze backup)

I was thinking about my backups. My desktop is now backed up to the Drobo. That's good. It's not perfect but it's good. I've been thinking about cloud backups.

Doug uses Backblaze for his backups. He's been using them for a few years. Costs him $50 a year and he has unlimited backups into the cloud.

I downloaded the software, installed it on my Mac and it started backup up EVERYTHING. 10 terabytes. Oh no, I did not want this. I got into the settings and limited what it was doing. I would prefer not to back up my Macintosh HD at all, but I can't turn that off. I limited it to just the copy of my Linux desktop on the Drobo, not the music or movies or TV. But still, even after I had limited it, it said it was going to back up about 800,000 files. WTF? Why so many? Photos. And clipart. And a whole mess of stuff. All sorts of temporary files and and junk. I need to go through everything and clean it out. I shouldn't have 800,000 files and 1 terabyte of data. That's just stupid.

The initial backup will take days. After that it will keep it in sync. So I will keep my desktop in sync with the Drobo, and the Drobo will sync up to Backblaze. If I lose everything in a fire, I can get the whole lot put on a hard disk and mailed to me.

So it was working out okay, so I signed up and paid for my first year's subscription of $50. They say it's unlimited, and I could probably back up the whole 10 terabytes, but I don't want that. I'm going to keep cutting my data back and cleaning things up.