MacMini death spiral
#259 Henry, Saturday, 16 May 2015 2:44 PM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: macmini)

The Mac Mini has been getting crazier and crazier. I use it as my Media Server supporting the Apple TV. I've been watching Breaking Bad, complete seasons. I find that I can watch two episodes, and then the Apple TV can't connect to the Mac Mini any more. I go in and look at the screen and it shows this:

Mac Mini death spiral

Some kernel_task is consuming most of the CPU, it's unresponsive. I can't ssh in, I can't open a terminal, I can't open the Finder, I can't kill processes, the little whirling circle is there and that's all that I can do - move that whirling circle around. I have to power the Mac Mini down, and reboot it. It's good for a couple more episodes of Breaking Bad, and then it needs rebooting. If I leave it overnight, I will have to reboot in the morning.

Since I started the Backblaze backups, it stays alive a little longer, but it still locks up. This is not satisfactory. I've searched Apple forums, I've tried asking questions, I cannot get any resolution. I've run the Apple hardware diagnostic tests, both short and long, and it gets a clean bill of health. I think the hardware is okay but the software is not. If I can't get a fix for this, I am going to abandon Apple for my media center.

I have one other problem with the Mac Mini. The App Store says I have 7 upgrades available. I upgrade them. Five minutes later, it says I have 7 upgrades available, and they are for the same items and the same new version numbers. They do get installed, and if I run them they have the new version numbers. But I cannot get the App Store to recognise that they have been upgraded.

This Mac Mini is not working right, and I think it's the installation. This might require drastic surgery.