State of Drobo and Mac Mini
#273 Henry, Monday, 27 July 2015 6:06 PM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: macmini drobo dlna)

After the last disappointing post about the Mac Mini and the Drobo, I left the Drobo disconnected. The Mac Mini proved to be rock solid after that, with no crashes, no kernel panics, no problems at all. That is really good.

But having the Drobo sitting there, not connected, doing nothing at all was bugging me. Last week I connected it to the Mac Mini and started the Drobo Dashboard. It told me there was a firmware upgrade for the Drobo. I installed the firmware upgrade, and rebooted the Drobo and then the Mac Mini (just for fun). I was interested in that firmware upgrade, wondering if would solve the problem of the Drobo improperly ejecting frequently. I did the backup I had planned doing, and instead of removing the Drobo, I left it on and connected. Judging by previous occurrences, I would have expected an improper dismount at least once with 24 hours. It didn't happen. I left it on, left it on all weekend, left it on today, and so far there have been no improper dismounts. I have done many backups, moved data to it, and there have been no problems.

It looks like Apple fixed my Mac Mini by replacing the motherboard, and Drobo have fixed my Drobo with a firmware upgrade. As each day passes, I am feeling happier about the hardware.

I will not move the media server back to the Mac. My Linux media server with miniDLNA has proven to be rock solid, and a delight to use. I love being able to maneuvre around the hierarchical directories. I have long hated Apple's iTunes' spreadsheet mode. Now I have an alternative and I am extremely happy with it. We've been using the Roku Stick with the Linux media server, and haven't used the Apple TV in ages. Not sure if I will even keep it, as we simply don't need it. Maybe if I do some streaming from the Met Opera to the iPad, I'll get a chance to use it.

So that's where we are with most problems resolved, and happy users.