DLNA server stopped working
#275 Henry, Monday, 14 September 2015 10:40 PM (Category: UNIX Tools)
(Tags: dlna)

I've been very happy with my DLNA server. It's a small computer with three external hard disks with 7T of music and movies on it. I use minidlna as the software. Works great - my Roku Stick and my Samsung TV can see the server and play the music and movies.

Six weeks ago, a new package of minidlna was available on Sbopkg. I installed it. From that moment on, I had problems. The Roku stick and the TV told me there were no files that they could play. I was busy with accounting in this period, so just left it. I have been unable to use my DLNA server for the last six weeks.

Finally, this weekend, I got around to attending to the problem.

Turns out that whoever packaged that version of minidlnad for Sbopkg had set up compilation options that did not included libavcodec. So support for mp4 files was not built in. And all my files are mp4.

I reverted to the previous package, and restarted minidlnad and everything started working again.

I've also downloaded the source code for minidlnad, which is now up to version 1.1.5 and I'll experiment with building it from source myself. That might be best from now on so there are no nasty surprises.