Mason Jar Radio Kickstarter
#280 Henry, Tuesday, 15 September 2015 10:45 PM (Category: Gadgets)
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Late last year I signed up for my third Kickstarter for what they call The Public Radio - The Single Station FM Radio but I call The Mason Jar radio.

What you get is an FM radio, locked to a single station. It's mounted in a small mason jar. The only controls are the on/off/volume knob. When you order it, you specify what frequency you want it locked on. I chose 99.3, which in this region is The 1920s Radio Network They mostly broadcast on the Internet but I am fortunate to be in their home town and can pick up the station on FM. They broadcast only popular music from 1900 to 1950. Yes, very old-timey music, but this is the station I have been listening to almost exclusively for the last few years and I'm not tired of it.

So my Kickstarter radio is locked on to it. The radio is small but sounds great. I move it around the house when I'm working. I took it to work but the signal is not so good there, so I brought it home where the signal is strong. I am really happy with this Kickstarter project, it's better than I was expecting.

After I had it a month, I turned it on one night and got nothing. I was disappointed, thinking it had broken. I went to my stereo to turn that radio on and found that the station was off air. When it came back, my mason jar radio was working perfectly again.

Mason Jar radio