iOS 9 release
#281 Henry, Thursday, 17 September 2015 5:02 PM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: ios ipad iphone adblock)

iOS 9 got released yesterday. I installed it on my iPhone, that worked fine, so I did the iPad. Worked great.

There are two new features that I really like. First, the keyboard. The letters shown on the keyboard match the case you're in. This doesn't bother me so much, but some of my websites with a lot of logins have traditionally given me grief over the case in the passwords. This will now reduce.

I also turned off the little letter bubbles when I'm typing on the iPhone. I never liked them.

Best of all - ad blockers. You can buy ad blockers for Safari. You buy them, install them, and then go to Settings -> Safari -> Content Blockers and you can enable your purchase.

I bought Peace which used the Ghostery rules. It sped up web loads a lot. I kept my iPad 2 on iOS 8, and did side by side comparisons. is one of my test sites that loads a lot of ads and trackers. I could see them on the iOS 8 iPad, but not on the content blocked iOS 9 iPad. Nice. It cost $2.99 and will be well worth it. The ads and the trackers chew up a sizable amount of bandwidth. This will reduce my bandwidth usage.

I don't care about ads and web sites that rely on ads. The Web has become like landline phones, and lately cell phones. I pay for my phone. I pay the money to make calls out and to get calls from people who need to contact me. I do not pay good money so money-sucking leeches can phone me repeatedly and try and sell me shit. I hate those guys. I'm turning off the landline any day now, now that Anne got an iPhone.

And likewise, I pay for Internet access so I can do the things I want. I am not paying so that money-sucking leeches can track me and stuff ads at me and cost me money. I use ad blockers at home, I use special ad blocking in DNS at home too that reduces a lot of problems. Now we get ad blockers on the iDevices and I am delighted.

For those people running websites who depend on ads to keep the websites running... sucks to be you. You'll either find another way or you'll close the website. I don't care.

So all-in-all, iOS 9 has some neat features. Keyboard is good, ad blocking is great.