MacBook Air continued
#296 Henry, Friday, 23 October 2015 11:42 AM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: macbook apple)

After a couple of days with it, I find I am bonding with it.

The machine is in pretty good condition but the battery doesn't last all day. I would get 5 or 6 hours of good use with it. The keyboard has been used. The previous owner did a lot of typing, and I think she had long fingernails. The Caps Lock is scarred. The Down Arrow works only sometimes. I don't use it enough to matter. If it becomes a problem, I will clean it out some more.

I learnt how to do extra desktops and started to work it harder. I got hold of David Pogue's book The Missing Manual for Mavericks (Closest I could get), and started learning the keystrokes. Already I know some really handy ones I wish I had know before. Cmd-comma opens the Preferences for most apps. That is handy when doing bulk setups.

I might actually use this device as a primary device. It's neat. Will use it for travel. I thought I might use it more and the iPad less, but after last night's experience, maybe not.

We booked our excursions for our Hawaii cruise. I used the MacBook. It was a struggle - move the cursor, click, shift-click, it was exhausting (First World problems). After that was done, I used the iPad to check the bookings, and using the iPad was such a relief. I thought the MacBook would be better for that, but I had that opinion changed. For travel, I think I'll just take the iPad, and maybe the Bluetooth keyboard.

Still, there are advantages. I installed my VPN with Private Internet Access, and installed Utorrent, and set up some bookmarks for my favourite torrent sites. That's something that works well on the MacBook that is not so easy on the iPad.