XFCE experimentation again
#298 Henry, Monday, 26 October 2015 10:45 PM (Category: Linux)
(Tags: xfce kde)

Every now and then I like to try out other desktops and window managers with Linux. A big Slackware upgrade came down the pipeline, with new versions of XFCE and KDE in it, so I thought it was time to give them both a whirl again.

KDE was pretty, but it's a struggle. I put it in the same category as Windows these days - it's huge, needs a fair bit of knowledge to make run, and I have been out for so long I don't want to invest the time in getting up to speed with that knowledge. It's been years since I looked at KDE, and I got exhausted just rolling around the config options trying to find how to do things. Likewise with Windows, last version of that I was a little bit familiar with was Windows XP. I had to sit in front of my boss's computer last week and I had no idea how to do anything with Windows 10. I didn't even know how to start applications, let alone know what applications did anything. So I abandoned KDE again.

XFCE looked promising. I fired it up and it was nice. I did some configuration to get things where I like them and it was nice. I switched over at home and at work. I have a lot of scripts that I use with FVWM to fire up windows and monitors and things, and I was able to adapt them mostly to XFCE.

I pushed the bottom dock up to the left and was able to get most of my monitors and quickstarts working. I use a 4x3 desktop system with a pager to switch quickly. So at any given time, I have 12 open desktops. Top left is always for email, middle left for Firefox and most browsing, bottom left is work browsing. Music is top right, and so on. Every desktop has a purpose and after 15 years of this habit, I know where everything is and can move around very quickly and effectively. I could duplicate this with XFCE and things went well.

It looks pretty too. I can't have my photos randomly displaying on the root window like I can with FVWM, as XFCE handles the root window differently, a non-standard way. Most of the modern desktops do.

So anyway, it's been a week since I put XFCE on and it's still on, and it looks good. This is the longest I've used something other than FVWM.