RSS and ownCloud
#299 Henry, Monday, 26 October 2015 11:53 PM (Category: Web Development)
(Tags: rss owncloud)

I'm never satisfied. And I like doing things myself. So now RSS has come to my attention.

Long time ago, like last year, I used to use the Google Reader as my RSS reader. It very efficiently let me get through blogs and podcasts rapidly without missing things. RSS is a wonderful thing. Then Google shut it down.

I switched to Feedly and they were good too. But about then, I installed ownCloud and found they had an RSS reader as an add-on. I switched to that and it was glorious. Totally love how it works. And it was all under my own control.

But now I'm trapped. I need to upgrade my ownCloud. I am stuck on version 6 and version 8 is being nagged at me. But I don't want to lose the News feed. So I started thinking about an RSS reader. It can't be that hard, can it?

I used to use WordPress, but wrote my own. WordPress became a big target and every minute all my sites get hundreds of hits looking for wplogin.php and xmlrpc.php. I read that WordPress powers 25% of all websites now, and I can well believe it. It's a very powerful tool, that provides tremendous services. But I didn't like the automatic upgrades, and didn't like how much of a target it had become, so I wrote my own and went with that. If I can do that with WordPress, surely I could do the same with a news reader. I can write my own. What could go wrong?

So that's what I've started doing. So far, all the easy bits have been easy. I've bolted together the basic website. Most of my websites have modular components, and I can just drop things in place, change the configs, change the colour scheme and fiddle the CSS and a new website is born. Same here. I've recently implemented job queues for the league website, and that will be very useful here.

So next step is import and export OPML files, and then import my list of feeds from my ownCloud reader. I'll get right on that.