Apple earbuds and chargers and lightning cables
#302 Henry, Friday, 30 October 2015 7:50 PM (Category: Apple)
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When Anne got her iPhone, we had a cable crisis. Two iPads, two iPhones, need Lightning cables for home and work and travel. And one of Anne's lightning cable came apart so we started to snap and snarl at each other as we tried to keep our devices charged. I looked at the price of new cables, and cringed. I realy wanted to buy four or five lightning cables but wasn't really prepared to pay $100 for it.

I wandered onto Amazon and found that lightning cables could be purchased quite inexpensively. I know that only Apple certified ones will work with iPhones and iPads. I've been down that road before. I found a vendor selling original Apple OEM lightning cables. Like $2 each. And Apple OEM chargers for about $2 each. And wow, Apple OEM earbud sets for $2.47 each. Magic. Much inexpensive. I bought four cables and four chargers and two sets of earbuds. Only a few dollars postage, delivery on the 27th.

After a few weeks, I checked the status. Oh. Delivery on 27th of November. And coming from Asia. Uh oh.

My original thought had been that these were left overs from a purchase and someone was selling them off cheap. Yeah, naive. Really naive. Instead, they were probably going to be fakes that won't work well.

But, they arrived earlier than November 27th, and I got to check them out.


The earbuds looked about right. But the first thing I noticed was that there was no Apple logo on the back of the case. We had a new set of these with Anne's iPhone so I had that to compare them with. And the quality of the cable seemed a bit cheap. I plugged them in and listened to some music. Ugh. It was tinny, like listening to music through a tin can. I made a phone call and spoke to Anne and the microphone was total crap. It crackled so much Anne could not understand me. I tossed those two in the bin.

Then I checked out the lightning cables. Two would work only one way. They wouldn't work in both positions. The other two did work, but by now I did not trust them. I did a Google search and found plenty of details about them.

Cables and chargers

First of all, see that "Original Authentic" on the cable box - that's right, they are original and authentic but they are not Apple products. They are cheap knockoffs that sometimes work. The chargers actually had the Apple logo on them, but when you grab a magnifying glass and read the text between the prongs you get "Designed in California by Phone, manufactured in China by Phone". That's not the wording on the original chargers. I found a teardown of these fake chargers and the consensus was that it is no wonder that Apple chargers cost what they do. They produce smooth regulated power, and no chance of explosions or fire. The knockoffs produce power that is rough and all over the place in voltage, with much opportunity for explosions and fire.

No point even using any of these so I tossed them.

Must remind myself yet again, if the deal looks too good to be true, it isn't.