Abandoning xfce4-terminal
#304 Henry, Saturday, 31 October 2015 9:25 AM (Category: Linux)
(Tags: xterm)

I was starting to like xfce4-terminal as my regular terminal. I use terminals a lot. But two things gave me problems at work.

I frequently print the contents of an xterm so I can check things off. On my regular xterm, I Ctl-left-click on the xterm, get the Main options menu, then print. For other purposes, I can Ctrl-middle-click on the xterm and get the VT options menu, and Ctrl-right-click on it and get the VT Fonts menu. I use all these. I can't find anything like this with xfce4-terminal.

Also, I have to tap into Solaris boxes a lot at work. And Solaris boxes have special handling for the function keys. In my .Xdefaults, I have settings that handle this:

! Cope with the Sun function keys
XTerm*VT100*oldXtermFKeys: true
XTerm*oldFunctionKeys*Label: Old Function-Keys
XTerm*sunFunctionKeys*Label: Sun Function-Keys

I didn't see an easy way to do this with xfce4-terminal, so I went back to good old xterm. I would guess that it's rare to have to work with Solaris boxes any more, so no support is added for their insanity. But I still have to, so it's back to regular xterm.