Hard disk grinding noise
#313 Henry, Friday, 20 November 2015 11:38 AM (Category: Hardware)
(Tags: harddisk transporter)

I complained about a hard disk grinding noise earlier. I have a lot of hard disks around me, and one of them is grinding and grunting and making strange noises. I finally got around to determing which one it was. That involved turning things off until the offending disk could be identified.

Turns out it's the hard disk attached to the Transporter device.

I have a Transporter device with a 500 gig external drive attached. My brother uses this as offsite backup, where offsite translates to cross-continent. It's this device that is grunting and grinding and making strange noises. If I touch the enclosure, I can feel the vibrations.

When I first attached a drive to this Transporter, that first drive did the same thing, only louder. I assumed the drive was bad and threw it away. Now I realise that the Transporter is doing things at a really low level and that first hard drive may not have been bad and maybe I shouldn't have thrown it out.

Few days ago, the noises stopped. I emailed Chris and asked him if the drive was in finally in sync, and it looks like it was. That took a while to get the drive here in sync with his drive there. Then the noises started up again, so I think he added more data to the sync mix.

It will be noise when the sync finishes. I have a lot of gear in here, and it's all been chosen for the noise level - quiet fans, quiet drives, quiet running. I'll be happy when everything goes quiet again.