MacBooks for sale
#314 Henry, Friday, 20 November 2015 11:46 AM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: macbook)

Now that I have these two little 2011 MacBook Airs, running El Capitan, that leaves me with one 2006 MacBook and one 2006 MacBook Pro that are superfluous to my needs. I am going to try and sell them off through Craigslist.

To be honest though, a 2006 MacBook with 2 gig RAM and not able to run the latest version of the OS, how much is that worth? Not a lot. I'll see what they are worth, and it might not even be worth trying to sell them.

They do have one advantage to the MacBook Airs. They have a microphone jack, and the Airs do not. I have one of them with a cassette deck jacked in right now, and I've been recently digitising some old cassettes of live bands from the Townsville days.

I still have 30 or 40 cassettes to do, so I should finish them off first and then sell off the MacBooks.