Power Mac rises from the unknown
#328 Henry, Friday, 01 January 2016 2:53 PM (Category: Apple)
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Many years ago, probably ten years ago, I acquired an Apple PowerMac G4. It worked, I plugged it in, I played with it briefly, then I put it aside. A few years later, a rowing friend was in need of a temporary computer, so I set it up for her and installed it. She used it for a few years, then she got married and stopped using it. She started using her phone instead for all Internet access as the wifi at her new home was so bad. Years passed and she was cleaning up old stuff, and she gave the PowerMac back to me. It sat upstairs for a few years, and I did nothing with it.

In December, one of our tinkering programmers at work mentioned that he had just bought an Apple PowerMac to experiment with. So this is 2015, and he bought a computer that stopped selling in 2002. Mine was probably a 2000 model, maybe even earlier. These are old. He was so happy with his new purchase. I remembered that I had one sitting upstairs doing nothing but take up space and weigh the house down (these things are really heavy). I offered him mine for free.

I pulled it out and took it to work. I had the G4 body, the keyboard and mouse.

Apple PowerMac G4 bundle Apple PowerMac G4 front Apple PowerMac G4 back Apple PowerMac G4 plate

Special keyboard and mouse, all artsy fartsy like the Apple gear was back then. Look at that mouse. When you move it, it lights up in red.

Apple Power Mac G4 mouse in red

I plugged it all in and not only did it turn on, it booted up. Amazing.

Apple Power Mac G4 bootup

Only problem was, I didn't know her password. I texted her, she gave me a few to try but none of them worked out either. Never mind, I handed it over to Richard and he took it home. He was thrilled. It was better than the one he bought. His didn't have the sexy keyboard and mouse.

He did some research and was able to bypass the password and get it working as a new user. One day he will get root, and then he can clean up the users and directories.

This was a good deal. I got rid of something superfluous, and it went to someone who will value it. Good deal.