Underwater photography
#329 Henry, Friday, 01 January 2016 3:25 PM (Category: Apple)
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We are going on vacation shortly to Hawaii. There will be swimming and diving. Anne wants underwater photography but doesn't want to spend money on new equipment. I had to think for a while, but I came up with a plan.

A few years ago, my brother Chris was visiting, and he gave me an underwater case for an iPhone 4. An Aryca case. I hadn't had occasion to use it, so it's still here unused. But it fits an iPhone 4, and I have an iPhone 6 and that will not fit in the case.

But my phone is a work phone. I still have my previous work phone in my desk at work. It's an iPhone 4. It's been deactivated so gets no signal. But it still functions, and still does wifi. I could use it as an iPod. I can use it as a camera. Yes, a camera, and it fits the case that Chris gave me. So I charged it up, and put it all together. Took me a little time and effort to work out how to open the case up. The instructions didn't help. But I worked it out, got it open, inserted the camera and sealed it up again. It works. Here's the case and the camera:

Aryca underwater case with my iPhone 4

And here it is with the camera installed.

Aryca underwater case with my iPhone 4

I haven't tested it in water yet. I suppose I should before I go away. If it all works well, I will have underwater photos. If it doesn't, it won't matter. The iPhone can get wet and it won't matter. It wasn't being used anyway. I installed Camera+ on it, as I find that easier to take photos with, and Dropbox to get the photos off. That's all it needs. I wanted to keep maximum space for photos, so I take hundreds if necessary. The battery isn't so good, so I will charge it right up to when we leave to go snorkelling, use it as much as possible, and then charge it again to get the photos off. If it stays alive long enough to do all this, it will be a bonus.

Thanks for the case, Chris. It will be in use in a week.