Nook frozen and beaten
#334 Henry, Saturday, 02 January 2016 1:25 PM (Category: Gadgets)
(Tags: nook)

We're going on a long flight soon to Hawaii. I like to read part of the way. Most of my reading is done with my iPad these days. But the battery runs out so quickly. It might last on a four or six hour flight, but our longest flight is 10 hours and the iPad doesn't survive. And the iPad is heavy. You don't notice it for the first hour or two, but after four or five hours, you do notice how heavy it is. I've got an iPad Air and it is so much lighter than my original iPad 2.

I have a little Nook Simple-Touch. I don't use it much as the screen is too small, but the battery is great, and it's really light. I dug it out to get it ready and fill it up with books. It was flat. I plugged it in, and charged it. And it wouldn't come back up. It froze on this screen.

Frozen Nook Simple Touch

Most attempts at rebooting and restarting took it to this screen. Twice I get further and was able to check the settings. The battery status was shown as unknown, and the battery icon showed a question mark. So maybe it was the battery that was bad. Then it rebooted and went back to that frozen screen. I played with it for a week, but couldn't get any further. So I took it apart. I wanted to get a photo of the battery so if I had to replace the battery I knew exactly which one it was. It's a struggle to pop the top off, but once you do, there's not much inside. The battery sits beneath the cover, there's one single motherboard and the screen. Really simple and light. I disconnected the battery too.

Nook Simple Touch opened up

While it was all opened up, I charged it again, but did it differently. Up till now I had plugged the USB charging cable into the same wallwart I use for the iPad. This time I plugged it into my computer. It happened to be closer and easier. And something different happened. The charge light went orange. Hmm. I left it a while and the charge light turned green. I disconnected it, and fired it up and it worked perfectly. The settings section showed that the battery was good and fully charged. So I put it all back together again.

Then I did some research. On the Nook website, the instructions say to charge it from the wallwart they supply, or plug it into your computer. Do NOT plug it into other wallwarts as this may damage the battery. Well, it sure did. So I'll remember that for the future. I'll charge it from the computer from now on. I guess that the iPad wallwart puts out too much power for the Nook. Lesson learned.