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#338 Henry, Tuesday, 12 April 2016 5:40 PM (Category: Gadgets)
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Recently, my friend Kevin was in town. He had made a massive leap from an Android world and an anti-Apple world, to pro-Apple and anti-Google. He bought an iPhone and iPad and wanted advice on using iDevices in a mostly Linux world. Which is pretty much what I do.

He bought a book called The Ultimate iPad: Your Digital Life at Your Fingertips by James Floyd Kelly. This is not a book like "how to use iTunes" but more on how to incorporate an iPad into your life to save you time and effort. I found it a really interesting book. One chapter was devoted to scanning. He recommended two scanners. The first was a little portable scanner called the Doxie Go WiFi scanner. Cost $225.

Doxie Go Wifi

This little scanner is about eleven inches long and 2 inches by 2 inches. Runs on rechargeable batteries. Has memory inside, but will take an SD memory card to extend the memory. You feed paper in at the front, it scans it and stores it. Keep doing that. Later, press the button on the back, it turns into a small network. You switch your iPad to use that network, run the Doxie app, import all the images and optionally delete them from the scanner, and then you can manipulate them. You don't need a computer attached. Just scan into the Doxie, and when convenient, suck the images out of the Doxie and into your iPad.

The Doxie app will let me rearrange the images, bundle them into packages, and then export them to Dropbox. You can do a lot more with it, but that's my workflow. Scan everything like receipts, letters, documents, tickets, opera programmes, souvenirs, brochures, manuals, anything at all that I want to keep. I import them to the iPad, bundle them, turn them into PDFs and push them out to Dropbox. Then I file them. Then I shred the original paper.

So anything new that arrives gets scanned and filed and shredded. I've been making steady progress at the huge backlog of paper I have. By end of year, I might have that all gone. The Doxie is small enough to travel with. Batteries last a long time. The author of the book will scan everything and shred it. Later he pulls the images off the Doxie. I'm not that trusting. I don't shred anything until I know I have the files out of the scanner, off the iPad, and saved and backed up.

I've been getting taxes ready, and had to send a lot of documents and data to the tax preparer up north. The Doxie has been a huge help with that.

Some of the time I manage to get documents in straight, but most of the time I tolerate a small tilt. There is Mac software, and I could connect the Doxie to my Mac via USB and import the scans that way and then correct the tilt, but that's too much effort.

For flimsy receipts, and photos, and tattered and torn envelopes, it comes with a small envelope. You put the item in the envelope, feed it through, and you get perfect images.

The only limitation is the size of the page you can feed in. Maximum is regular letter size, which is slightly larger than A4. Anything bigger will be truncated.

I thought I would use this sporadically, but found that I use it every day. I never realised just how much paper crap came my way.