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#339 Henry, Wednesday, 13 April 2016 9:51 AM (Category: Apple)
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Anne had a 16 gig first gen iPad Mini. She took it everywhere. But she started to get frustrated with it. She plays two or three really large games, and they chewed up most of that 16 gig. She couldn't update them. She couldn't upgrade to the latest version of the OS. A long time ago, 16 gig was enough space, but now, it is not. We progressively deleted other apps, and cleaned out messages and photos, and kept it afloat. But every time, it was a struggle. Time for an upgrade.

"No, no", was Anne's cry, "we can't afford it". She said that every time I brought up the topic of a new iPad for her. But her cries got weaker the more she had to struggle with it. Finally, I proposed we get a silver replacement, and I would split it between our silver wedding anniversary (25 years married) and her birthday. She reluctantly agreed, although I believe the reluctance was more for show. She knew something had to be done.

So after an opera simulcast at Macarthur Mall, we stopped in at the Apple Store. One of the salesmen came up, and I told him precisely what I wanted. 64 gig iPad Mini 4 with cellular AT&T. And a case like she already had. And Apple Care. There was no selling or upselling he had to do. He had the easiest sale of the day. He got it out. Anne decided she didn't want silver, she wanted the black one. She's used to the black outline. "But our silver wedding anniversary" I bleated. "Don't care. I want the black." Okay.

Then we discovered because Anne started as a substitute teacher last year, and is actively teaching today, she gets an education discount. That saved a little. We walked out with the new iPad and a case like she is used to. Interestingly, the case was "designed in Australia".

Made a short stop at the AT&T shop, and they switched the SIM card out of her old iPad and into the new iPad. Because it was same size SIM, no numbers needed changing, no registering, no fuss at all. I could have done that myself at home. I have the official little SIM card popper out tool. But they did it for us, and it cost nothing.

Back home, I upgraded the new iPad to the latest version of iOS, and then upgraded the old iPad to the latest version. That was a struggle in spare space, but I did it. Have to get the same version of iOS on both of them. Then I backed up the old iPad with an encrypted backup to get all the passwords, and then restored it to the new iPad. Made a few settings adjustments, and handed it to Anne.

You should have heard the noises. "The screen is so clear." "The screen is beautiful." as she went from non-retina to retina. "It's so fast" as she went from an A5 CPU to an A8 CPU. And the cache RAM went from 512 meg to 2 gig, which speeds things up dramatically in the really big games she plays. "It's much lighter" she said, but I didn't believe that, because once you add a case to an iPad it just becomes heavy. I use my iPad bareback, but Anne likes a protective case so she can carry it in her bag wherever she goes.

So the end result is that Anne is very happy with her iPad. It's lighter and faster and looks better, and with 64 gig she can fit all her games and not have to worry about space restrictions for a few years.

Now, I have this old iPad Mini first gen to sell. It's worth $60 to Apple, and $40 on the open market here. I'd get more value using it as a photo display unit on the mantelpiece.