Old iPads
#340 Henry, Wednesday, 13 April 2016 10:47 AM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: ipad)

So now we have three old iPads in the house.

Collectively, they are not worth much here. Maybe $150 in total if I sell them through official sources, maybe $300 if I sell them locally and get lucky with a buyer. If I look online, they sell for much more in the UK and Europe, and maybe Australia, despite their age and limitations. Why are they so worthless in the USA and worth much more elsewhere?

The AT&T ones can be used in Australia, which is why we went to AT&T in first place. Just swap out the SIM card, slip in a new one, and data arrives.

I'll advertise them here and sell them off. Get something for them, help to defray the cost of new gadgets.