Apple Maps disaster
#341 Henry, Wednesday, 13 April 2016 11:24 AM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: maps gps)

Last Thursday, I had occasion to use Apple Maps on my iPhone. Anne was having Book Club at our house, and I had been asked out by one of the other Book Widowers. That was a better offer than hiding in the computer room all night, so I agreed. Might be some beer in it.

I had been to their house before, but decided to use Maps on my iPhone to get there straight from work. I brought the name up in Contacts, tapped on the address and Apple Maps popped up. I normally don't use Apple Maps, I've had a few small problems in the past, but it's been a couple of years and Apple keep improving it, so I gave it another go.

I'm driving and listening to the instructions. And it takes me a strange way. But I think, I've seen GPS apps do this before, they take you way up here and then you drop down here, all on the freeways, and it looks like a strange way but it's shorter and faster. I persevered, but started getting nervous. By the time I realised something was seriously wrong, I was trapped on the freeway with no exits, pushed through the midtown tunnel, and, oh no, it's a toll tunnel and Anne's car has the EZPass device and so I went through the tunnel and got the toll plus the extra fee for not having EZPAss, it took me into Portsmouth and stopped me on Court Street and announced we were there. Somehow, Las Ollas Court in Chesapeake turned into Court Street in Portsmouth. I cursed. Not going to use Apple Maps again. So I fired up Google Maps and shit damn and blast, I had to go back through the tunnel and do the non-EZPass thing again and get a double bill in the mail. Anyway, Google Maps took me directly to where I wanted to go. I was only 35 minutes late, and down about $20 in toll fees, and I was not a happy man.

On the other hand, I had a good night out. We went out to a pub with an interesting name and a good selection of beers, but they were having a Trivial Pursuit competition and it was noisy, so we walked in and walked out, and drove to another of George's favourite pubs - Busky's Chill and Grill. It was quiet and almost empty. They had a small selection of local beers, so I stuck to O'Connor IPAs and had a Bubba Burger and we talked and talked and had a great night.

To get home at the end of the night, I thought about where I had to go, thought about Elbow Road closed for renovations, planned the route in my head and drove home without GPS. I think I am going to use my mind for trips that I know, and only use GPS for routes that I do not know. And I am not going to use Apple Maps again.

I can't work out how it happened. It's possible I tapped on the address and it highlighted the Court of Las Ollas Court and my device made assumptions about that. Doesn't matter how I did it, I got burned and won't make that mistake again. I will avoid GPS unless really necessary, and avoid Apple Maps.