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#350 Henry, Sunday, 30 July 2017 2:20 PM (Category: Books)
(Tags: book epub)

I've been using FBReader as my Linux desktop epub reader for a few years. It's pretty neat, lets me test the epubs before I move them into Calibre. Recently, I did a clean Slackware install for my desktop, and now I can't install FBReader. Can't work it out.

This weekend, I've been sorting out a lot of books, cleaning them up, renaming them, removing duplicates, that sort of thing, and I need an epub reader.

I looked online for options and found things like CoolReader, Lucidor, even a command line program called 'epub', but couldn't find them for Slackware or couldn't install them.

It got awkward loading each book into Calibre, viewing it, and then deleting it. Then I remembered that Calibre's ebook reader is a stand-alone application. Found it in /opt/calibre and it's called ebook-viewer. Works just fine. I don't like typing that much each time on the command line so I set up an alias

alias ev='/opt/calibre/ebook-viewer'

and now it's really neat. I just type something like

ev norman_stone__turkey.epub

and I can check it easily. I don't need the other readers any more, I can just work with this one.