MacBook Airs to the Genius Bar
#359 Henry, Saturday, 02 June 2018 3:41 PM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: macbook battery)

I have two 2011 11" MacBook Airs. I use one at work, and one at home. I bought both of them used a few years ago, and they are great little devices for travel. I like the iPads, but if you have to do a lot of typing, these tiny MacBook Airs are much better than an iPad, even an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. They are also small enough to fit in hotel room safes or cruise cabin safes. I plan on taking one with me on the coming cruise, and I want them both working right.

Both now have problems. Right from the beginning, one had a problem with the down arrow. I tolerated it, but started using this one less and less. The other one has just started reporting that I need to replace the battery. I did my research and expected to take the MacBook in and get the battery replaced same day for about $129. I booked that one in to the nearest Apple Genius Bar, and took them both in today.

The guy checked the battery and yes, the battery needs replacing. I knew that. Only problem is that Apple stopped making those batteries, and they ran out of stock last year. He recommended getting a battery from someone like Other World Computing, a company I've dealt with plenty of times before, always with a good result.

I hadn't booked the second MacBook Air with the Genius Bar, but I put it in front of him. He accepted it, listened to the problem about the down arrow, took it out the back, and came back five minutes later. He said he opened up the front keyboard section, found a small pebble in there which was causing the problem, blew it out, cleaned up the keyboard as best he could and that should be it. The down arrow key now worked properly. So this one is good.

When I got home, I checked out Other World Computing and they have NuPower replacement batteries for $75 and free shipping. I watched the video on how to replace the battery, and decided that yes, I was capable of doing this, as long as I had the right tools. Checked the battery description, and the right tools are included. I ordered the battery. I'll have it later this week.