Termius upgrade
#363 Henry, Sunday, 17 June 2018 11:40 AM (Category: Apple)
(Tags: ipad iphone ssh)

I have used the iPhone/iPad app Termius since December 2014 to ssh to work and home. It's an essential part of my daily life. I've never had a problem with it, it's worked very well. I've been very happy with it.

A week ago, Termius got a major upgrade that included refreshed UI, with gestures that can replace arrow keys and other things. I admit that I cringed when I saw that it was a major upgrade to version 4.0.0. I'm never happy to see important apps have major upgrades.

I have long said that all software will be upgraded to the point where it is no longer useful for its original purpose.

So when I went to use Termius the first time after the major upgrade, I ran into a problem. Trying to ssh to home no longer worked. It froze after connecting. I could tap things and gesture as much as I liked and then it seemed like something I did triggered it and it started behaving normally. I wrote to their support, but they couldn't reproduce it and asked for more info.

I spent about four hours testing it. It's not gestures. If I connect to my home server, and to my user, it will connect and then freeze for about 90 seconds. If I have my username and password stored, it will timeout at 90 seconds. If I manually have to enter my username and passord, it will timeout at 120 seconds. I tested both methods many times while trying to change things at my end. After the timeout, it will work normally. I tested it with other servers, no problems. I created new users on my server, and it worked, no problems. It's something to do with my user. I blew away my .ssh directory and restarted sshd and it continued to freeze. I checked that my .bashrc and .bash_profile weren't echoing anything, but no. I can't see what the problem is.

I need this to work, so I bought Shelly, another term/shell app. It works exactly like the old Termius worked, without any problems sshing to my server and user. It appears that the new Termius has a problem with something with my user, but old Termius and Shelly do not. I documented all that I could and sent it to Termius support. I don't think anything will happen, because it's clearly my problem not theirs. If their app works with all the other servers I ssh to, and it works with other users on my server, just not my regular one, then the problem is very specifically with me. I don't expect them to find a problem, or fix it. It's far too specific.

However, I still need to ssh to my server, and now I have Shelly and can use that and continue my work. So it's all good.

However, I fully expect that all my apps will change in time and stop working for me the way I do things, and I will have to switch sideways. I'm grateful that iPhone and iPad apps aren't super expensive. And I'm grateful that every time an app has stopped working for me, alternatives are available.