Moves data
#369 Henry, Tuesday, 03 July 2018 10:28 AM (Category: Apps)
(Tags: moves app)

The Moves app now comes with a note that it is going to be shut down at the end of the month, together with a link to the website where they suggest you can download your data.

I was annoyed that the app is going to be turned off, but suddenly a number of things hit me. The app is owned by Facebook. All my data has been transferred up to the Moves servers all these years, where presumably it is accessible by Facebook. Now that I think back, I vaguely remember that I knew it had been acquired by Facebook back in 2014, and I vaguely remember that I downloaded my data from the Moves website back in 2015, but the consequences of these two things combined had escaped me. I am not happy about the tracking data being sent back to the remote servers that Facebook has control of. I can understand why Facebook bought the company now. So now, I am no longer annoyed that the app is going to be turned off. It's a good reminder to me that things change, often insidiously behind the scenes.

So now I am looking for an alternative to Moves, but one that doesn't transfer my data off my phone. I don't want to share my data. And I will do an audit of the deep owners of all the apps I use, and any apps owned by Facebook will be deleted, and the other apps will be checked to see where the data goes, and I think I will reduce my app footprint a lot.

I feel strongly about this, and it will give me something to do in retirement. I will attempt to write my own iPhone apps that do the things I want to do on my phone, but safely and privately. I doubt if I will earn anything from apps, but if they give me an alternative where I control my data, then I will be happy. Only old curmudgeons like me care about this stuff, and I only started caring about it in the last few years, and clearly I have let a lot slip through my fingers. That's on me, but I will be far more cautious from now on.