WD Smartware begone
#39 Henry, Friday, 29 January 2010 10:34 AM (Category: Hardware)
(Tags: westerndigital)

I've complained before about a virtual CDROM that gets pushed out on newer Western Digital external USB hard drives. I noticed it on my Macs, and elected to ignore it. I have a little 320 gig WD MyPassport that I've been using to put movies on for easy watching on my laptops. It works fine on the Macs, although I still get irritated with the forced WD Smartware icon that gets pushed out. I connected the little drive to my Asus netbook and I was amazed to see the same virtual CDROM forced out to the desktop. Problem was, it somehow obscured the real drive and I could not mount the real drive. Okay, enough is enough.

I went to the Western Digital website and searched for a way to get rid of this virtual CDROM. Ho ho ho, they say "They have listened to their customers and have provided a way to remove the virtual CDROM." I bet they got comments from customers. Anyway they provide a way of removing the virtual CDROM.

It's a two-step process. First, download a small app and update the firmware. Second, download another small app and it will remove the virtual CDROM.

I followed instructions on one of my Macs, and it permanently deleted the virtual CDROM. That made me very happy. I connected it back to Linux and now I had access to the real drive and the movies are available. Success.

Now I'll go back and do the same thing with Anne's Time Machine backup.